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Small Shifts to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

Small Shifts to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

Desperate for a new kitchen but don’t quite have the budget for a complete makeover? The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to give it a more expensive or modern-looking facelift. With these tips from Builders World, you can make a few small adjustments to your kitchen that will transform it into a whole new space.

1. Renew your flooring with luxury vinyl

High-quality tile or stone floors can completely transform a kitchen, but covering even a modest space can get expensive. Fortunately, you can use luxury vinyl that looks almost indistinguishable from ceramic or stone. It’s much less costly and far easier to install.

2. Replace marked, worn taps and sinks

Nothing drags down a kitchen’s aesthetic value quite like a sink that’s scratched or stained with food residue. Depending on the type of material you choose, you can even find kitchen sinks that are resistant to such damage, like ceramic or black granite units. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, consider installing a new kitchen mixer or other tapware.

3. Paint aged kitchen cabinets

Many homes still have those ageing, dark kitchen cabinets that were popular in decades gone by. If you have cabinets that are starting to show their age, a new coat of paint is a simple, inexpensive solution. Best of all, the internet is a vast resource for DIY videos, so you should be able to complete this task without outside help.

4. Replace cabinet handles or knobs

Even if you’ve painted your cabinets, you might still have handles or knobs that give away the true age or cost of your kitchen. Fortunately, new handles are relatively cheap to come by, and installing them is usually as simple as unscrewing them yourself. With a new coat of paint and handle, an old cabinet or draw can be completely transformed with minimal money or time invested.

5. Add a trim to your walls

If you have no decorative pieces on your walls aside from one or two picture frames, you could add a wall trim. Some wall trims look and are more expensive than others, and you can also use them to hide gaps and joints or other imperfections. By adding white wall trim to mostly dark walls, you can give your kitchen a more traditional, elegant appearance.

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These five tips to create a more expensive-looking kitchen can make a huge difference in transforming the space. They won’t cost you a fortune. For replacement kitchen sinks and tapware, Builders World can help. We’ve delighted customers across the Gold Coast with our range of premium kitchen fittings at affordable prices.

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