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Toilets and Bidets

Builders World is the place to go for high-quality toilets and bidets. Explore our extensive range of premium toilets and bidets at our Gold Coast and Brisbane locations. Discover a selection of high-performance toilets and bidets that look simply stunning in any toilet room, bathroom or ensuite. Find the perfect-sized toilet or bidet in a shape to suit your space and personal needs. All the toilets and bidets we supply are long-lasting and add the perfect modern touch to any home, whether it’s a new property or a renovation project.

While our refined toilets and bidets elevate the style of any bathroom, our prices always remain down-to-earth. Experience the pleasure of a luxury loo by selecting a toilet and bidet from Builders World on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.


Since the toilet is one of the most used pieces of furniture in the home, it’s vitally important to choose a reliable, high-quality one. We have an extensive range of top-grade toilets at our Gold Coast and Brisbane locations that combine high functionality with comfort and style. Our clean-flushing, premium toilets are the perfect addition to any modern home.

Our selection of toilets include back to wall toilets, care toilets, closed coupled toilets, floor mount pans, wall faced toilets, disabled toilets, concealed cisterns, wall hung pans and more. With various sizes, shapes and configurations available, there is something in our toilet range at our Gold Coast and Brisbane locations to suit all tastes, technical requirements and room layouts.


A bidet is a smart addition to any quality bathroom. A premium bidet sets new standards of cleanliness while making a stylish statement. We stock and supply designer bidets at our Gold Coast and Brisbane stores that coordinate perfectly with our designer toilets. When you select a high-end matching toilet and bidet, any bathroom or dedicated toilet room is instantly transformed into an oasis of supreme hygiene, comfort and beauty.

If you’re uncertain about which bidet to choose, or whether it will work in the bathroom you’re building, our friendly staff can help you decide. We’ll explain the features of our bidets and all the technical requirements so that you can select the very best option.

As well as supplying toilets and bidets, we also offer a range of adapters, flush plates and cisterns at our Gold Coast and Brisbane locations. If you’re in the market for top-quality toilets, bidets and accessories, you’ll find them at Builders World.